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If it's made of concrete, R S Herder Corporation has the right high-tech coating or sealer/densifier. We have decorative systems with unique coloring options, Color Chip and Quartz Flooring and Pebble Flooring systems.

For garage coatings, heavy-duty protection of concrete, and chemical-resistant and conductive-static dissipative coatings, you need R S Herder Corporation's technological know-how. We offer manufacturer's warranties for all products and materials.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete/Plywood Floors and Slabs

  •    Balconies and Sundecks

  •    Upper Level Walkways

  •    Under Tile and Stone Waterproofing

Below Grade Water proofing

  •    Retaining Walls

  •    Basements

  •    Elevator and Maintenance Pits

Above and Below Grade Special Needs


"Every Job is Custom Designed to fit Your Special Needs"

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